Offer walls and additional bonuses

edited December 2018 in Announcements

Dear community,

I've once again implemented the various offer walls that the faucet currently supports.
The old system has been altered and will from now on grant you additional bonuses on top of the original reward.

AdscendMedia: 100% experience bonus
CPALead: 20% currency bonus
PTCWall: 100% experience bonus

What exactly does this mean? It means that when you, for example, earn 8 copper coins from the PTCWall an additional 8 experience points will be added to your character. This goes for all offers including video's.

This means you could level up your character by watching video's when you're not at your computer, since you only get kicked out of the game when you're idle for more than 30 minutes and not from the offer wall page.

Suggestions and feedback is always appreciated.

Faithfully yours,

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