Withdrawals and finances

Dear community,

Today I've finally implemented a payment system that allows you to withdraw your earnings to FaucetHub.io* Since the economy of Bitscalibur is rather poor at this time I've decided to only allow a small withdraw every day. At least until the economy is stable.

How am I planning to achieve this? I've always thought of Bitscalibur to be a self-sustaining bitcoin faucet that should benefit both, the players as well as the development. To be straight up honest with you guys; the amount that comes in from advertisements and offers is almost equal to the amount that you, as a player receive. I'm totally fine with this, but in order to pay out such amounts I must receive this money first and most of the networks have a minimum threshold before they pay out.

Until this happens, I will gradually increase the maximum amount you may withdraw per day until the system has reached it's full potential. Then, and only then, you are allowed to withdraw as much as you possibly can.

So, when paying out should no longer be a problem you may use the following formula to calculate how much you can withdraw; ((level * PI) * 10) * (PI * 10)

As a level 9 for example, this will allow you to withdraw 8883 copper coins ( 1110 satoshi ) per day.

How come my copper coins aren't worth that much?
Simple, this faucet does not only reward you for completing offers or claiming the 30 minute present. It pays for practically every action you perform. You could spent 1000 copper coins on potions for a 20 minute creature hunt, but could be rewarded ten fold in loot. Not to mention about the upcoming Player vs. Player system that allows you to earn from killing other players. The possibilities and earning potential is immense.

I certainly hope to have informed you properly and enough about the current situation and thanks for bearing with me.

Faithfully yours,

*FaucetHub.io is a cryptocurrency microwallet which makes it easier to send balances back and forth, to and from the faucet and to it's players.

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